Canoeing still stays as one of the best couple’s water sports activity here in the Maldives. Maybe it is the quality of the time couples spend together, or it is the effect of the most beautiful country on the planet and its power over us.

Our guests use canoeing as a mean to stay at during their holidays or an excuse to get out of the island together with the loved one into the romantic sunsets of the evenings, choice is yours.

For us, it is a part of our promise making your holiday memorable and  wonderful.

All our canoes and paddles are BIC Sport brands. We carry single, double and triple canoe’s to cater different requests.

Complementary | 30 Mins
* Complimentary activities are subject to availability.
* Durations allocated are on a per day per room basis, one activity



Stand up Paddle surfing or Stand up Paddle boarding is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. And
it is a perfect way to glide on the beautiful waters of the Maldivian reefs.

The possibilities are endless with these boards as you can engage in a variety of activities, self or with others. We have a wide range of BIC Stand up Paddle Boards with paddles and we do provide that extra push if you’re just starting. Numerous activities can be tried with the SUP boards, Stand on the board or sit while paddling. Relax on the tip of the board while your friends paddle. Discover on the water snorkeling on a shallow day.